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RMS Product

SCS (stem cell system)
1 SCP (stem cell platform) facility, equipment, operating system and RM kits
2 Chondron™ (CRM kit) autologous chondrocyte implantation (gel type)
3 Ossron™ (BRM kit) autologous bone marrow derived stem cell
4 Baby Cell™ (USCRM kit) umbilical cord blood derived stem cell banking
RegenGraft (biocollagen based tissue scaffold)
1 CartiZol™ joint supplement for tissue coating lubricant
2 CartiFill™ cartilage supplement for microfracture
3 OssFill™ bone supplement with biocollagen and hydroxyapatite
4 SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) tissue supplement for soft and hard tissue
5 TheraForm™ wound healing supplement
6 TheraFill™ aesthetic dermal filler for wrinkle and folds
7 DuoFill™ skin rejuvenating injection
SERAZENA (BioCollagen Cosmetic)
1 Skin Care Tone, Emulsion, Essence, Cream, EyeCream
2 Special Novofill, Biocollagen Gel, Regenplasy Serum