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Since 1996, RMS has developed three kinds of cell therapeutic products: ChondronTM (autologous chondrocyte implantation), OssronTM (autologous bone marrow derived stem cell implantation), and Baby CellTM (cord blood stem cell banking and implantation). In 2000, RMS set up SCP (stem cell platform) in Seoul, Korea and got GMP license for cell therapy and cell banking according to new guideline in 2001. ChondronTM was approved by MFDS (Ministry Of Food And Drug Safety, previously KFDA) in 2001 and OssronTM was approved by MFDS in 2009. Baby CellTM business started in 2001.
  Since 2007, RMS devised SCS (stem cell system), a total solution of cell therapy designed to help client to operate cell therapy efficiently and easily by providing SCP (stem cell platform) with operating system, and three kinds of RM kits (regenerative medical kit). RMS starts to expand cell therapy technologies all over the world. In Europe, RM kits for ChondronTM, OssronTM and Baby CellTM were approved by CE as a medical device in 2007. RNOH (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK) interested in SCS and the collaboration of research, development and commercialization of stem cell therapy. In 2010, RMS set up the SCS at Stanmore facility in the UK, and RMS innovation (U.K.) has got licensed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), and has ‘Specials’ and IMP GMP license approval, allowing them to manufacture stem cell therapy products. This means that the RM Kits can be used anywhere within the European Union. This has proven invaluable in helping to establish the European SCSs consequently in Poland and the Netherlands. In 2009, RMS transfer technologies to India and set up RMS-Regrow in Mumbai, India. RMS-Regrow has successfully managed cell therapy and cell banking in the Indian market. Baby CellTM is umbilical cord blood bank. Over the last 13 years RMS has stored more than 90,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell units in Korea and India. Up to date, SCS were set up in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, India and Japan