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CARTIZOL - Joint Coating Viscosupplement

CartiZol™ injection is an advanced viscosupplement by coating tissues in the joint. BioCollagen of the CartiZol™ has an ideal viscosity and lubricates joint optimally. CartiZol™ fills up the cartilage defects and also secures the 'lamina splendens' of the cartilage surface to prevent further cell damage and leakage of matrix including hyaluronic acid, GAG and collagen. CartiZol™ coats and supplements the soft tissue including ligament, tendon, and joint capsule as well.


  • Coated lubrication for cartilage and soft tissue
  • Securing Lamina Splendens of cartilage
  • Protection of cell damage, ECM, and PGs leakage
Application: Arthritis, Joint protection


CartiZol™ BioCollagen: 301, 303, 601, 603
Accessory Unit

How to use

(1) CartiZol™ is injected intra-articularly, and the joint movement is performed many times to seal the cartilage defects with BioCollagen.
(2) Focusing on pain compartment (medial joint, lateral joint, Patello femoral joint).