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CARTIFILL - Cartilage Cell Scaffold

CartiFill™ is cartilage cell scaffold for advanced technique of microfracture. Microfracture procedures have been widely used to treat cartilage defects by withdrawing stem cells from bone marrow. However, the results are not consistent than expected due to unstable cell recruitment. CartiFill™ creates stable matrix structure of cell scaffold in the cartilage defects after microfracture with finely purified BioCollagen and fibrin glue.

Cartilage Cell Scaffold

  • Advanced microfracture
  • Secured stem cell chondrogenesis
  • Reconstruction of tissue structure
Application: Cartilage Defects


CartiFill™: BioCollagen 3cc in syringe
Accessory Unit

How to use

(1) CartiFill™ is implanted with fibrin glue for gel-type scaffold.
(2) Gel-type CartiFill™ is easily implanted after microfracture.


Cartilage Defects, Knee Joint

Cartilage Defects, Ankle Joint

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  • CartiFill™
    • Cell guarding effects: secures migrated cells
    • Easy to recreate the 3D structure of cartilage
    • Simple fitting to variable cartilage defects
  • Microfracture
    • Withdraw bone marrow stem cells
    • Stem cell flows down to joint space and
      synovial fluid
    • Inadequate amount and unsatisfactory quality
      of fibrocartilage