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SURGIFILL - Biomimetic Surgical Mesh

SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) is an ideal bio-mesh. Matrix and gel of SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) are beneficial for versatile surgical procedure involving tissue repair, tissue reinforcement, and tissue augmentation. Implanted SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) build organized collagen plane: it will guarantee excellent prognosis of healing. Deficient collagen plane fails to heal properly. SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) induces cell migration and improves cell viabilities in the stable matrix structure.


  • Augmentation of tissue structure
  • Reinforcing tissue healing
  • Providing cell scaffold
Application: Tissue defects, Tissue augmentation Tendon repair, Muscle flap reinforcement, Suture-line reinforcement, Hernias, Pubourethral support, Prolapse repair, Bladder support, Treatment of stress urinary incontinence, Defects of the abdominal and thoracic wall, Rectal and vaginal prolapse


Filler type: 301, 303, 306, 601, 603, 606
Matrix Standard : 40 x 30 x 5 / 70 x 50 x 5 / 100 x 100 x 5 mm
Matrix Sheet: 40 x 30 x 0.5 / 70 x 50 x 0.5 / 100 x 100 x 0.5 mm

How to use & Dosage

SurgiFill™ (RegenSeal™) can be injected into the defect area for filler type or applied by cutting into a desired size and shape for matrix type.