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CHONDRON - Cartilage Cell Therapy(CRM Kit™)

Gel type ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation)


  • Gel-ACI without periosteum suture
  • Shortens operating time
  • Distributes chondrocytes more evenly in the implant
  • Stabilizes chondrogenesis
Application: Knee cartilage defects, Ankle cartilage defects, Intervertebral disc herniation and degeneration

Chondron™ is cultured autologous chondrocytes for local cartilage formation in the joint. Management of cartilage defects of the joint has been difficult because articular cartilage has a poor healing capacity as a result of its lack of vessels, nerve supply and its isolation of systemic regulation. ACI has been considered as the best option in contemporary procedures for cartilage regeneration because chondrocyte is the only cell present in cartilage itself and conducts the whole cartilage metabolism. Implantation of Chondron™ is performed by three stages: harvesting small cartilage from a patient’s own cartilage of non-weight bearing area, cell culturing at SCP (stem cell platform), and implanting cultured cartilage cells into the defect sites.