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Recently the medical cell therapy has been widely accepted all over the world, and many hospitals and companies have become increasingly interested in the operation of cell therapy. Cell culture therapy has an extremely promising future and is already yielding excellent results, both in clinical studies and in the numerous procedures already carried out. The SCS (stem cell system) of RMS is the best solution for stem cell therapies with the outstanding advantages: technical excellence, broad experiences, easy setting, stable system, logistic excellence and cost effectiveness.

SCS (stem cell system)
1 SCP (stem cell platform) facility, equipment, operating system and RM kits System(*1)
2 ChondronTM (CRM kit) autologous chondrocyte implantation (gel type) Cultured cell(*2)
3 OssronTM (BRM kit) autologous bone marrow derived stem cell Cultured cell(*2)
4 Baby CellTM (USCRM kit) umbilical cord blood derived stem cell banking Primary cell(*3)